Project 2: Using the Arts - Poetry

We are delighted to be supporting the work related to Wordsmith: The Gift of a Soul  by Megan Young and Merrilyn Thomas.

Megan Young - Wordsmith The Book

"All that I am is here." - Megan Young, who died of cancer at the age of 32,  prefaced her poetry with these words.   Her writing is suffused with an awareness of the spirit and yet is grounded in the reality of her life as a scientist and equine vet.  It speaks of the mystery, beauty and joy of the world we live in, and of the pain and grief that we suffer. The book, a compilation of poetry and prose, has been lovingly assembled by her mother Merrilyn Thomas.  It touches the hearts and minds of all who read it.

Loraine Syms, one of our volunteers, was inspired to write poems about Judith and the Knit and Natter Group:


Whenever you meet Judith, you are welcomed with open arms
Woe betide you don't say goodbye, she'll threaten you physical harm
But it's all an act she'd never do that she's too full of softness and charm

Some people call her Granma Death, but it doesn't insult her don't fear
She will help with your strife, talk about end of life, and will hear with a listening ear
And she'll always be there with kindness and care when a loved one is no longer here

Judith is love and compassion, from her head right down to her toes
Who you can confide in, if you struggle within, knowing she will never disclose
An ear to hear and a heart to care?... Yes, Judith definitely has both of those

Knit and Natter Group

Knit and natter projects, at other charities' behest
Penguins and cheese beasties made for the RVS
Book characters for the Library
We've had some strange requests
From pirates to Humpty Dumpty to snakes and a speckledy hen
Cats sheep monkeys ducks and spiders seems the list will never end
Camels, blankets, hedgehogs and lots more no doubt
Wait! What! More penguins?
Noooo We're all penguined out!

Quilt for the Cheese Festival tickets bought to win
Selling toys and other things for the charity fundraising
But don't say if you're thinking of making anything
Keep it quiet don't say it out loud just keep it within
Because if you dare to open your mouth, Judith will jump in!

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